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LANDAU OF THE REGICIDE F. J. Oliveira - Lisbon, 1875-1900
Landau do Regicídio Vehicle constructed in Portugal in the late 19th century for the Portuguese royal family. This is a carriage with two hoods that could be kept open or closed. The box has a black background with flap doors bearing the monogram of King Carlos I. The hoods are made of black leather, devoid of decorative elements. At the rear is a curved case for carrying weapons. The interior is lined with dark blue button-tufted Moroccan leather and is accessed via two exterior stirrups. The two circular lanterns are made of glass and black-painted metal leaf, positioned next to the coachman’s bench, together with the crank brake. At the back of the box, two mudguards overlap the rear wheels. The wheels are painted red and have rubber tyres. The suspension uses elliptical springs
Photo: Direção-Geral do Património Cultural / Arquivo de Documentação Fotográfica (DGPC/ADF) ROYAL STABLES OF KING JOSÉ I / INV. PNA 50864 / [Roteiro MNC – 22]